100% reliable DNS servers with Neustar® UltraDNS

Version française : des serveurs DNS fiables à 100 % avec Neustar® UltraDNS

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Because they are essential for the resolution of related queries (website, email, VPN, etc), DNS are critical to the proper functioning of domain names and associated services.
To guarantee its customers a rock solid robustness, ProDomaines by Systonic chose to trust the world no. 1 of the DNS infrastructure: Neustar® (previously Verisign® Security Services).

Primary and secondary DNS server management

Built on the world's no.1 architecture, Neustar®'s UltraDNS service ensures the reliability and security of your primary and secondary DNS servers. UltraDNS is designed to meet the challenges and needs of businesses that use the Internet for their critical, high value-added businesses, while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. Delivered in SaaS mode, this service does not require any installation on the servers of the company.

DNS experience and 100% reliability

UltraDNS is based on the architecture of Neustar® which provides configuration, maintenance and overall operation.
In addition, leveraging a resilient and scalable network, the UltraDNS platform contains distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks; your sites and services are protected.

UltraDNS caracteristics

  • Continuity of 100% DNS resolution service, regardless of traffic.
  • A secure network operations and access center with physical or remote access strictly reserved for authorized personnel, among other security measures.
  • Redundant connections without break point, with automatic switchover of the servers.
  • Network operations center monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Internal support with the same standards.

UltraDNS platform

The UltraDNS platform ensures secure and efficient DNS management. A sophisticated software platform, it is designed to support the Domain Name System (DNS) and ensure the convergence of voice and data networks.

DNS user interface and management: web portal

The UltraDNS portal allows users to manage every zone record for domains subscribed on the service. Every current record (SOA, A, CNAME, MX, TXT, NS…) can be managed directly. The service also provides multi format (BIND, CSV and Excel) that can be submitted through the team and complete multi aspects reporting features.
Our DNS service supports zone- and record-level TTL configurations and can easily provide zone reporting, at no charge, in BIND, CSV, and Excel formats. We also offer web redirections (URL forwarding). This service includes support for 301/302 redirection and frame-grab (stealth) capability.
The portal is secured through Two-Factor Authentication, which guarantees against Phishing attacks by requiring a one-time password in addition to the usual logins.

The portal offers you, at least, the following advantages:

  • Autonomous addition of domain names and, if necessary, all names in a single batch.
  • Advanced filtering techniques to sort domain names alphabetically, by date of creation, by feature (for example, web redirection or "parking page"), tracking specific resources, and so on.
  • Multiple access rights, providing different types of users (administrator, normal and read-only) and right management by domain name.
  • Mass editing tools for editing data globally, using a single command (batch editing).
  • Advanced reporting that provides extensive data, including DNS queries and Web redirects, for each domain name.
  • History concerning the user and/or the domain name ensuring the traceability of the modifications made on the DNS and a return in a click.

To further enhance flexibility, Neustar® UltraDNS includes an unlimited web redirection service.

SiteBacker (failover of DNS servers)

UltraDNS offers an optional service for DNS server failover on complex criteria. This service allows monitoring and automatic switching to ensure that your applications are always available.
With SiteBacker, you can predefine backup type A records if your online services fail.
In the event of an interruption, SiteBacker initiates a backup type A record and an alert is emailed to a predetermined contact list.
When the service is reestablished, SiteBacker detects it automatically (via type A resource record) and puts it back into service, unless otherwise instructed if you want to master the restart.

DDoS attack-resistant data servers

Neustar® DNS servers resilience against DDoS attacks

Neustar® is a registered trademark in USA and worldwide.