Interview: .SHOP, the new e-commerce extension

During the 44th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in Prague, ProDomaines met Jeffrey Smith, CEO of Commercial Connect LLC and Dawn Marie Yankeelov, Presidente of ASPectx, in charge of one of the nine projects of the new extension .SHOP. They explain us their project of newgTLD.

ProDomaines: "Could you describe the project DotShop? How did you get the idea to create the .SHOP extension? "

Jeffrey Smith: "The idea was born in the early 90th but we started to work on this project in 2000. This has enabled us to work closely with the community, to understand the functioning of ICANN and to enjoy the best possible from the modification of schedule of the program. We were able to develop a strong community support for the project, to interview various actors of the Internet and e-commerce areas on their needs. We gathered a lot of information and even if it is difficult to satisfy everyone, we managed to find a position that suits all. From all the organizations that we contacted, we did not receive any objection."

dot shop logo

ProDomaines: "For the application to be valid, you must demonstrate the need for the extension and define its assigned tasks. Can you explain what are the main objectives of your DotShop?"

Jeffrey Smith: "The goal of our extension is to clearly define the community of e-commerce and provide a vector easily identifiable for online sales. Sites in DotShop will redirect the user faster to the products and services they offer. Editorial pages or sites to explain the history and operation of the business will not be interesting for a .SHOP website. Our goal is to focus on sales.

We also hope that the DotShop well help creating a more stable, safer and more accessible area for online commerce. For this we plan to verify the information of each firm asking for a DotShop domain name to ensure that the owner of the domain name is actually what it claims to be. However, we will not control the origin of goods and do not pretend to fight against counterfeiting. The requested information to acquire a domain name DotShop only allows us to limit it (IDs contact, license...)."

Objective of 2 million of domain names in .SHOP, sold $ 200 each

ProDomaines: "ICANN offers the possibility to define the application supported by a community in so far as a clear and precise description of the community is made in the application. This is the case for your extension project. Could you tell us how you defined your community?"

Jeffrey Smith: "The community of the DotShop is represented by all entities using a process of credit card transaction to sell goods or services. Any entity meeting these criteria can register a DotShop domain name . We expect about 2 million of registrations in the first three years of activity. We believe that a DotShop domain name could be sold for about $ 200."

ProDomaines: "The DotShop is a very popular extension as ICANN received nine projects for this string. In addition, the list also includes two projects for a DotShopping,  seven DotStore,  five for a DotBuy and several projects of extensions translated into non-Latin languages with the idea of ​​e-commerce. ICANN indicated that it will not accept the creation of various extensions that can lead to confusion for the Internet user. How will you handle the competition?"

Jeffrey Smith: "We have the advantage of being on this project for over 12 years. We have developed a strong community. If ICANN believes that our community meets their definition, what we believe, then we do not have to fear competition. Just another application is based on a community but our experience here is a strong advantage."

ProDomaines: "If you get the delegation of your extension, this one will appear on the market at the same time as hundreds of other extensions. How will you differentiate it to be adopted by users? '

Jeffrey Smith: "We will implement what we call a "marketing mix" and develop the various communication channels in the nine regions of the world the most involved in e-commerce such as China, Latin America, India ... We will use Internet ads, organize seminars, webinars. We have dedicated significant resources to marketing and public relations."

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